the sleepless

the dusty corners of life, the spark that keeps you going

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Strange, beautiful music from the dusty corners of life. A lush lo-fi mix of ambient guitars, devilish grooves, radio voices, keyboard colours. The spark that keeps you going. For all the latest sounds and updates, follow us:
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The Sleepless formed on Merseyside. Martin Carroll and Ronan O’Hanlon listened to music from the Probe Records shop in Liverpool, including obscure girl groups, ambient, 4AD, Factory. With no bass guitarist, they created a blend of spacious guitar, primitive samples, drums. It would be the sound of Stellar, a quintet formed by Martin and Ronan in Liverpool.
A demo found its way to the “4AD” label who signed Stellar. 4AD released music in October 1996. Stellar performed at Manchester’s Night and Day, the Hacienda, and London’s Disgracelands, the latter for the launch of the Detox Artifacts label, attended by Andrew Weatherall and Liz Fraser.
Stellar went their separate ways after moving to London in 1998. Division 68 released a compilation of their music in 2009. For The Sleepless, alternate guitar tunings spiced with digital effects became a source of new melodies. They formed This Sudden Life. They moved to Alaska Studios in London. Using ambient guitars, digital effects, keyboards, voices, and rhythms
Ambient guitars